PF Status: How to Check Provident Fund (PF) Balance Status

Check PF Status

EPFO is working hard to give new and efficient ways for employees to check their PF status or balance. Now, you can have all the information regarding your PF in your mobile or computers, so no standing in line and messing up with forms. We have described various means of knowing PF status online and offline. You got to have your EPFO account number and Member ID number to submit and use all the services. Employee needs to have some information like establishment code, member ID number and extension code number; the details can be founded from your old annual slip. So, now you can check status at anytime and anywhere.

PF Status

Methods For PF Status: Online and Offline

Using SMS service for PF Balance

Send EPFOHO UAN<ENG> to 7738299899 from your UAN registered mobile number. The SMS is also available in multiple languages like Gujarati, Bengali or Punjabi.

Online PF Status: without UAN number

You can visit the official site of EPFO

Here, from the input fields you need to select your EPFO office and state with mobile number and EPFO account number. Submit above mentioned details and get your PF details on your mobile and while entering details if you don’t have the middle three digits in PF number then you can leave it blank and enter the rest of the number.

EPF Balance: online with UAN Number

This feature is only available if you have activated your UAN number at the official website of EPFO. For activating visit

After activating, generate your login ID to check EPFO balance using UAN number.

Mobile App for EPFO balance query

Download the android app for EPFO balance check

Check PF Status

The app will let you know your current PF status, PF balance and EPFO claim status. By using this app you can enjoy facilities like EPF status and EPFO query at NIL cost i.e. free. You can also have an eye on status and balance using e-passbook. E-passbook will provide you employee’s share and pension related info. From the UAN page of EPFO, members can download the e-passbook.

Hope this article was helpful for all the employees for their queries on PF status and EPFO related information. If you like above information of EPFO then share with your friends and family members. Also keep visiting for more updates and information on provident fund.

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