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Download EPF Forms

EPF forms is available here you can download the same for the purpose of claiming your EPF amount. As we all know form is a format of your request as it gives the layout and detail of what have to mention?  And where have to mention what?  It is an official release by the authorities of concerned department who decides the entire layout and format of the written request. The form is used by the employee of EPF for the same purpose that is to make a written request to EPFO, India that we want our deposited PF amount or we want to transfer our account as our employer has changed.

There are different number of EPF forms which have been released by the EPFO India to fulfill different purpose of the employee. So download your PF Withdrawal Form from our site to claim your PF amount. If you download your PF Withdrawal form from our site then you will also get expensive information like entire steps describing how to download the PF form and also how to withdraw the your EPF amount using the above downloaded form. We have also provided a direct link which will redirect you to the official portal of EPFO from where you can download the EPF withdrawal form. You can download various EPF forms like Form 10C, Form 13, From 19 and many more which can be downloaded to avail various benefits of PF. So you can download all the available EPF forms through our website.

EPF Form

We have shared all the links and information which are important to download all the EPF forms as these forms are highly cited and demanded by almost all the members of EPFO after leaving the job or changing the job. We have also given a brief introduction of all the Forms and EPF portal link which will directly take you the form download page within a few second after clicking the link. Form 10 C and From 19 are EPF forms mostly downloaded. Using the forms you can also directly apply to LIC Policy from your EPFO account.

EPF Withdrawal Form Download

Here all the EPF forms are listed below along with the link to download the same. So download it now form our site and also get brief information about their use. Some forms are useful for withdrawal of your amount where as some are beneficial for transferring your account in case you have changed your job.

Download EPF Withdrawal Form

Form 19

EPF Form 19 is the most useful and highly downloaded form as it is used to withdraw your PF amount.  This form can be used if you have left the job or have taken retirement to make a request for the purpose of withdrawal of your amount. Download Form 19 by clicking on the link given below.

Download Form 19

Form 10C

The EPF Form 10-C is also very important because it is used to settle the PF under old Family Pension Fund. Form 10C is submitted along with Form 19 and Form 20 to avail the above referred benefit. If you want to withdraw your PF under New Employees’ Pension Scheme EPS 95 then also you can submit Form 10 C. This form can also be submitted if your age is below 58 and want to retain your membership.

Download Form 10C by clicking on the link given below.

Download Form 10C

Download EPF Forms

Form 13

If you want to transfer your account then you can go with revised EPF Form 13. This form can be downloaded in case you are changing your job and in need of transfer your account from previous employee to newer one. Download Form 13 by clicking on the link given below.

Download Form 13

Form 14

In case you want to make an investment to LIC and want to finance the same through your EPF account then Form 14 will be helpful for you. This form is used to finance your LIC Policy by your PF account. Download Form 13 by clicking on the link given below.

Download Form 14

Form 10-D

Form 10 D is required when the employee or his/her nominee wants to apply for the withdrawal of pension amount. This form is also known as pension form and if it is submitted by the nominee then it must be submitted along with Form 2 which is known as a nomination form.

Download Form 10-D by clicking on the link given below.

Download Form 10-D

Form 20

In case the EPFO account holder is no more i.e., he/she has died. In that case the family member of the account holder can claim the amount through Form 20 but it must be associated with nomination form “Form 2” and birth certificate of the family member claiming the amount.

Download Form 20 by clicking on the link given below.

Download Form 20

Form 31

This PF form is known as Advance PF Form. Form 31 is used in case the account holder is seeking to withdraw the amount in advance for the purpose of treatment, marriage and all other unavoidable reasons. That is Form 31 is used for advance withdrawal of your PF amount.

Download Form 31 by clicking on the link given below.

Download Form 31

Now the above mentioned list of PF withdrawal forms is mostly used and helpful for different purposes and at different occasions. Now learn here how to withdraw the PF amount with the help of these EPF forms.

How to Withdraw PF with EPF Withdrawal Form

  • First of all download the required EPF forms using the link given at our website.
  • Now fill up the same and get that form submitted to the regional office where your account is being maintained.
  • Your Form must be attested by any gazetted officer, Magistrate, Sub-Magistrate or President of Village Panchayat.

Now this is the required list of documents which must be kept ready while filling up the form:

  • PF account number of the requester.
  • Bank account number of the beneficiary.
  • IFSC code of your concerned Bank
  • Date of joining the Company and
  • Date of leaving the Company

In case you are not in a good relation with your Employer even then you can withdraw your PF amount with the help of your UAN Number. In case you are withdrawing your amount with the help of UAN there is no need of your employer’s signature.

We are also offering various other EPF forms and  services like Know your PF Status, EPFO rules, National Pension Scheme, How to link UAN with Aadhar Number and many others as well. Your comments and reviews are highly appreciated.

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