EPF Balance: Check PF Balance Enquiry Status Online

Know EPF Balance Status

Check your EPF balance and also learn all the possible tweaks and tricks to check your EPF account balance online. EPF a service and facility provided by Indian government to all the citizens of India who are associated with a private sector firm or a company. EPF is supposed to be the most important part in the life of private employee as it is the best and the only possible way of their saving. In today’s era most of the private employees are working and living in a hand to mouth condition. They don’t get surplus amount from their employees so that they can save something after meeting all household requirement.

Keeping all these conditions of Employees in view our government has launched this project where there is a three side contribution to our EPF account. A certain amount is deducted from your salary and the same amount is also contributed by your employer as well to your PF account.

The government also gives a fixed rate of interest on the same so that your amount deposited in your PF account got increased. Keeping all the problems of Employees’ in view regarding balance checking and all other stuffs the government decided to make this facility online. The government then started the facility of EPF balance checking online in 2011 so that the employee may be freed from wandering offices to offices for the proper updates of savings.

EPF Balance

This service of online EPF balance checking has not only reduced the efforts and problems of employee but has also make them up to date with their current saving. This service has brought transparency as well and employee can easily get all the information that how much amount has been submitted by my employer and how much interested has been credited. With the help of this service any one can check one’s PF balance in one or two minutes just by entering PF account number and password.

With different ways, it is very simple for anyone to check his/her balance anytime and from anywhere. These techniques of balance checking is very much user friendly and even those having very less knowledge of computer can easily trace their balance very easily.

Knowing their provident fund balance amount helps employees in many ways. First and the most important thing is that it keeps you updated on the amount of your savings and you can plan accordingly. You may also withdraw your amount partially as you know your exact balance. In case you are in urgent need of some money then you can also take a loan against your EPF amount and the quick online PF balance check facility plays a very crucial role as you can at once show your account balance to the banker and assure them that I have money and I am in a position to repay the loan. Here is the links of the official portal of Employees Provident Fund where you can check your EPF balance. You shall also find detailed procedure to check EPF balance amount online in a step wise manner.

Check Your EPF Balance Online

For checking your EPF Balance Online you need to have some important details which required to be entered at the site of Employees Provident Fund. These required details are listed below:

  • The information regarding concerned PF office where your account is maintained.
  • Your 12 digit PF account number issued by the concerned office.
  • Full name and all other important information as mentioned in the Pay Slip.
  • Your registered mobile number.

EPF BalanceAfter having all these pieces of information in your hand you are now required to follow the steps mentioned below:

1. All the employee who need to check their balance required to visit http://www.epfindia.com and
(i) Select the concerned state where your account is maintained from the home page.
(ii) Then select the city of your office and then you will be redirected to a page where you need to enter all your details.
(iii) After furnishing all the required details along with your unique EPF account number click on the “Submit” button.
(iv) As soon as you click on the “Submit” button your account balance will be displayed on the screen.
2. All the employee who need to check their balance required to visit “Know Your EPF Balance” page by entering this web address : http://www.epfindia.com/site_en/KYEPFB.php

3. At the bottom of this page you will find “Click here to know Your PF Balance” where you required to move your cursor and click at the same.

4. After click event a new page will appear at your desktop “ Member Balance Information”

5. Select your concerned PF office state from the drop down list provided for States.

6. A list of all the offices located in that selected state will appear from where Select the EPFO office where your account is maintained.

7. Now you have to fill your EPF account number, your name and your mobile number.

8. Generally the EPF number follows the format like “BG/BNG/XXXXX/XXX/XXX”. If your EPF account number does not have the middle three digits, you can leave that box blank.

9. In case you do not know your EPF office, you can easily identify it from your PF account number. The first two letters in your EPF Account number depicts the code for your concerned state whereas the next three letters depicts the code of your regional office. So you can easily find out all your required information easily from your account number itself using the above mentioned technique.

10. Now as you are ready with all your information start filling the same in their required field. After filling all the required field mark “I Agree button” then click on the submit button.

11. As soon as you will click on submit button you will receive a SMS regarding your currently available EPF Balance.

These are simplest and mostly used techniques to get information regarding your available PF balance as they are very simple to learn and implement. eepfbalance.in offers various guidelines and information about EPF Balance, PF claim status, UAN activation status and PF status. Simply we can say that you all are provided with the most user friendly techniques of checking PF balance online. For any information or query regarding EPF Balance drop your comment in below comment box.